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Welcome to our new “Owner Surrender” page.
Homeward Bound Dog Rescue does take in “owner surrenders from the community; HOWEVER we do have to make sure YOUR dog fits into our program….

Who is Homeward Bound Dog Rescue?
Homeward Bound is an all volunteer dog rescue - none of us are paid to take dogs into our foster care. Homeward Bound is NOT a shelter and we receive NO funding from any government agency or taxpayer funds. If you would like to be considered for our owner surrender program, you will need to meet a few requirements and we sadly cannot take in all the dogs that need to be re-homed, so we have this check list for you:

1. Your Dog Will Need to be Assessed:
We require that all dogs that we take into our program have an assessment. We do assessments at our adoption clinics and they are every Saturday.
If you require another day and time, you may make the request, and if a volunteer is available we will try to work with you.
An assessment to us means that your dog has to be good with other dogs and people, and have a temperament that allows us to place the dog in a new home.
When you come to our clinic you will be asked to let us have the dog for about 20 minutes for the assessment.

2. Medical Needs for Your Dog:
All dogs must be up-to-date on all vet care. This may mean several different things:

  • They must be spayed or neutered.
  • Dogs must have a current DHLPP and Rabies shot.
  • Your dog must have also seen the vet within the last year, and had a Heartworm and Lyme test.
  • Regular preventative is also expected. (Flea & tick and heart guard or interceptor).

You will need to bring all your medical papers with you, when you come to the clinic.
If you dog has ANY special medical or behavior needs, let us know - we do try our best to work with every dog that is in need but you need to be honest with us upfront.
If YOUR dog is not up to date, we ask that you make arrangements with us to meet the dog and do an assessment first. We do expect dogs to be “vetted” prior to our taking them into our home and exposing our own dogs to unnecessary health risks.

3. Reimbursement:
Homeward Bound is not funded by any external organization.  In our care your dog will require food, flea & tick preventative, heartworm preventative and possibly other vet care. We have a $200 surrender fee and 100% of the funds are used to help with SOME of the care costs taking dogs into our program.

We Care:
As an all volunteer organization, we will do our best to place your dog in the perfect home. We accept applications to adopt from us, do a vet check and usually a home visit and/or reference checks. So, if you would like to have help re-homing your dog please email us at
: info@homewardbounddogrescue.com, with the following information (Click here for fillable Online Form):

Your Name:




Phone Number:


Cell Phone:


Email address:


Dog Name:




Dog Age:


How long have you had the dog:


Where did you get the dog from:


Does the dog have any behavior issues:


Does your dog have any bite incidents and if so please tell us the circumstances:


Any medical issues: